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Halifax Grocery Delivery Service

Now Serving Every Town Along the HWY 102 to Truro

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Our Mission is to help the elderly and the disabled get their essential needs by providing a dependable and trustworthy Halifax Grocery Delivery service

Halifax Grocery Delivery and More – Why and What?

Halifax Regional Municipality used to have grocery stores that delivered groceries but that changed. Many people with mobility issues were reliant upon these services because these people are unable to shop themselves. At the end of 2014 these stores closed, leaving those who were dependent on these stores, in an unfortunate situation. They were left without a Halifax Grocery Delivery service. I Always Deliver has been created to come to the rescue so that we can be a hero in the community. We want the people to know that we are here for them, because we care.

Helping you get your groceries is what we do because we know your struggle. Just provide us with your shopping list from the stores you buy from, and we deliver the goods to you. We shop as if we are shopping for ourselves, so that you feel like you shopped for yourself.

More than just a Halifax Grocery Delivery service, we enjoy carrying out other delivery chores as well for different types of needs (Pharmacy, Dry Cleaning, ETC). We are happy to bring it to you. Visit us and Like our Page on Facebook

The Process


Step One - We Connect

We connect via phone, text, email, or in person to learn your needs


Step Two - We Figure it Out

We create the list of your needs, and we get you on the plan that makes the most sense


Step Three - Find Peace

You get to relax and not worry about how you will get what you need. You now have reliable people who are taking care of you

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