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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question not listed, please connect and ask us! We respond to all sincere outreach!

Do you only service elderly & disabled?

No. Although our main focus and intention is to create a reliable delivery service for the elderly and disabled, we will not turn away others who wish to take advantage of the program!

What are the benefits?

We help you save time, energy, stress, and money on gas and/or impulse purchasing. You can now spend time, energy and the money you save doing other things that demand your attention

How does payment work?

We Accept Credit, Cheque or Email Money Transfer.

What area do you currently service?

We deliver within the HRM and all the way to Truro serving every town along the HWY 102 (Elmsdale, Stewiacke, etc)

Do you service businesses?

We do service businesses and we would most likely personalize a plan especially tailored for your company. Connect to find out more!

Is it only Groceries that you pick up and deliver?

We shop for anything, anywhere and deliver it to you as long as we are not breaking any laws!