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Sponsorship Program

Want to help an elderly or disabled person get their groceries delivered?

You Can Sponsor Someone Today

There are many people in Nova Scotia struggling to get groceries. Some elderly and disabled citizens have to go through a lot of trouble in order to do something as simple as getting groceries. Our goal for the organization is to make it easier for them to get what they need, and that is why we have created a grocery delivery service.

Although, this service is a blessing to those who benefit from what we provide, and we have generous rates which are the lowest possible pricing plans we can afford to charge while remaining profitable, there are still those people who cannot afford our services. Many seniors and disabled persons are on a fixed income, and without government subsidized rates yet, we have decided to create a new sponsorship program. We had one person reach out to sponsor someone, and that made us realize that others may want to do the same. It was that one selfless act from that one person who gave us the idea for this program.

We now bring you the opportunity to do the same! Donate Below

Halifax Grocery Delivery Sponsorship Program

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